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Dovetail Saddles
Tandem Bars

Notice: I have sold my business Astro Accessories, including the remaining inventory and designs to BnD Astro in Oklahoma City. They will use the same machine shop I used to make these products, my Cousin Tom Casady's. Visit their website, bndastro.com, for continuation of these products.


Heavy duty version of the Triad Bar, 32" long and suited for multiple large OTAs or four medium to small OTAs.

Tandem Bars
for Holding Two OTA's

Introducing a heavy-duty dovetail bar for mounting two scopes in tandem. Machined from 1" thick aluminum, they can handle larger OTAs than most other dual scope systems. Available in four sizes from 12" to 18". The bottom of the Tandem Bar has a dovetail that matches the Losmandy D size dovetail bars. So, it will work with any mount equipped with my Dove12 & Dove14 saddles, the Astro-Physics DOVELM, G-11 or Losmandy Titan.

The flat areas, on either end, for mounting the OTA saddles, are lowered to keep the OTA's as close to the axis of rotation as possible. The structure between the saddles provides stiffness to the bar.

Tandem Guidescope Aiming Device (TGAD)

Allows altitude and azimuth aiming of a guidescope on a tandem bar.

Sold Out

Large Takahashi Plate

Specifically designed to fit the rings of
Takahashi Mewlon 300, M-250S, TOA-150, and BRC-250

One Left as of 02/03/2015

M-250 & Clamshell Dovetail Bars

Specifically designed for Takahashi Clamshell Rings, or bolts directly to the Mewlon 250 OTA.

Dovetail Saddles

Compatible with Losmandy Dovetail Bars

with mounting holes for:
Losmandy G-11 Sold Out
Astro-Physics mounts Sold Out
Takahashi EM-200, EM-10, etc. Sold Out
Takahashi NJP Adapter

Celestron CGE Saddle

Now a 12 dovetail saddle designed specifically for the Celestron CGE mount.

Only 3 Left as of 02/03/2015

Dovetail Saddle for
Astro-Physics Sliding Bars

Now use scopes mounted on an SB0800, SB1000, or SB1500 with my tandem bars

DoveEM400/500 Saddle

Specifically designed for Takahashi EM400 & EM500 mounts

DoveNJP Saddle

Specifically designed for Takahashi NJP mount. One left in stock as of 02/03/2015

NJP Saddle Adaptor

This adaptor will allow you to use a variety of saddles and rings on your Takahashi NJP mount. It mounts to the NJP with four flat-head socket screws (included). Threaded holes are provided for attaching my saddles.

Go Here for Saddles that Fit the NJPadaptor

Note: This adaptor will mount the saddle at a angle that is rotated 45 degrees from normal position. As a result, the mechanical setting circles will be off by 45 degrees. This is because the mounting holes are in a similar pattern to the NJP mounting holes. If they were aligned, they would be on top of each other.

Threaded holes are also provided for Takahashi EM saddles and ring clamshells. However, because this is a low profile adaptor, there is only about 5mm of thread depth for the EM holes. So, they should only be used with small light OTAs. The Astro-Physics saddle holes are much deeper and will hold heavy OTAs.

NJPadapt Green anodized adaptor with stainless steel screws. $65.00

shipping $6.50 in the USA

Stainless Steel Counterweights for:

Astro-Physics 900GTO. 1200GTO & Mach1GTO
5 lb. Counterweight for 1.125" Shaft

Fits Astro-Physics 400, 600, and Mach1GTO with small shaft

Losmandy Titan, G-11, GM-8, & Celestron CGE
Mountain Instruments MI-250