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Here are some comments and photos from people using my products
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"It has been a real pleasure dealing with Robin. When I approached him with the need to develop a way to mount a Takahashi FS-60C refractor on the Tandem Bar, he developed the TakBlock. A fine example of Robin's commitment to customer service. The combination of an 8 inch saddle, the Tandem16, the TakBlock and the Ringbar12 have enabled me to mount every single telescope that I have on an EM-200 mount. Robin's products represent the ultimate in versatility and sturdiness. I highly recommend his products and his dedication to customer service to all amateur astronomers."

Clear skies,
Kevin Dixon

L Weights

I am delighted with the quality of your stainless steel weights. They enhance the appearance and ad to the quality of the Losmandy mounts. Scott should make them a standard fit. The scope scope is an Intes 603 with the Intes dew shield.

Kind Regards
Trevor Ancell
New Zealand

L Weights

Robin, received the counter weight, and washer today, thanks! It is hard to get excited about a counter weight, but if you do, this will be the one.
I almost want to display it on my mantle.

Richard Beasley

L Weights

"Hi!  Thought I'd drop you a line to let you know that the weights you shipped arrived on time and in fine condition.  You did an excellent job of packing the weights.

I also want you to know just how impressed I am with the weights themselves.  While I never would have thought I could get excited about something as commonplace as a counterweight, I'm downright thrilled by yours!  The machining is superb, and the retractable brass pin is a work of genius.  I can't tell you how many times over the years I've almost dropped a heavy counterweight when, while placing it onto the counterweight shaft, the pin has suddenly dropped, preventing the weight from going onto the shaft with an unexpected "jolt."  Why, I wonder, hasn't someone else thought of such an elegant solution to this common problem?  

I do, by the way, like the rounded edges of your weights much better than the beveled edges on some counterweights.  The rounded edges give your weights a very nice feel when handling them.  

Thanks again for doing such a great job on the counterweights.  They really dress up my Losmandy G-11!"

Scott J Burgess

P.S. Please also allow me to say that I continue to be extremely pleased with your products.  Your counterweights and safety washer look great and work even better.



I have close to 70 lbs on an MI 250. I purchased some of your weights when I owned a G11. When I upgraded to the MI250, I was able to use the same weights because you make the counter weight shafts for both mounts. I think these counterweights are the best value on the market right now.

Kirk Carbo
Lobo's Services

Note: The G-11 shafts for the MI-250 are sold out. I now supply only Astro-Physics size (1.875" dia.) shafts for the MI-250. They accept my A weights.

L Weights

"I found the quality and precision on these counterweights to be ten on a scale of ten. The form, fit and finish were of excellent craftsmanship. More importantly I found the weights to be more functional in that the large knob is easy to use and the bronze bushing and retaining spring on the set screw leave the shaft free of scratches. Part of the appeal to me of the Losmandy mounts is their good looks. These weights dress the mount up even more so."

Gary Castleberry
Bloomsburg, PA

L Weights

"Your weights are beautifully designed and finished and they are the final touch for my telescope and mount. I am proud of my rig, especially when experienced people at a star party come up and their first question is not what kind of a telescope or mount I have, but 'Where did I get those weights?'."

Elton Chambers

Dove12-R & L Weights

Thanks for your great products. Your counterweights look beautiful and I cant imagine how you can improve on them any furthur. Your drop-in saddle has made my setup easier than ever. I am less worried about damaging the tube assembly than I was with the slide in saddle. I can cradle the tube with both arms and easily unfasten both saddle knobs and lift the scope right out. The tube comes directly away from all the harsh corners and edges of the mount. I would recommend your products to anyone and I hope you do decide to expand your product line.
Mike Clemens

L Weights

8" f/8 Newtonian on G-11 mount by Jonathan Dietch

"Fit, finish, service, and value are all excellent. I like the 23 lb. and the 7 lb. weight combo for maximum payload variation and fine balance adjustment control."

Many thanks,

Jonathan Dietch
Long Beach, CA

L Weights

"LOVE the counterweight! Class-A work Robin.
Now if we can get you to widen your product-line!"

Skip Downey


"Thanks Robin for putting together this package for me, a custom made AP1200 shaft fitted to the HGM-200, notice how well it matches the DEC base, like it was made for it.

The weights have a luxurious look and feel to them, for me a much better setup than the stock equipment, much quicker setup.

I love my weights and shaft!

Thanks Robin"

Michael Downing

L Weights

"I've been extremely pleased with the counterweights. I purchased a complete set for my G-11 to allow me to use a variety of equipment on the mount. The quality of your product is excellent and I received the counterweights within a week after I placed the order. They glide much easier on the counterweight shaft, making balancing the telescope a breeze. Besides that, the nice stainless steel finish on the counterweights make them look really sharp on the scope. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone!!"

Bill Flanagan

12: Dovetail Saddle

"I wanted to thank you for sending out the new dovetail. It arrived today - what a great way to ring in the New Year! It's truly a beautifully made piece. The spring loaded dovetail jaws are very convenient and provide a solid grip. Even better, using your special "tip-in" feature, it's now easy for me to mount my C-14! This is a great advance over the standard slide-in dovetail, which was very difficult to use with a scope as massive as the C-14. Many times I came close to dropping the OTA when trying to slide the C-14 dovetail into the standard dovetail adapter. With your tip-in system, it took about 5 seconds and I was good to go."

Ted Inoue

Astro-Physics 1200GTO

I really like your accessories; the dovetail is so much more substantial than my old Losmandy DOVELM. Thanks for making a great product!


Dave Jurasevich

12: Dovetail Saddle

"C-14 on an AP1200 mount.
Your dovetail is considerable more supportive than the one I got from Astro Physics!

George LaBelle
Aloha, Oregon

8.5" Dovetail Saddles

"I believe you have some of the best saddles out there now."

"I have 2 of the saddles setup with the scopes in a modified side to side configuration with the smaller scope on an adjustable device. The third saddle sits sideways on the GEM under the Losmandy side to side plate. The setup is shown sitting on that saddle on the table. Have to tell you that I replaced the plastic knobs with aluminum star knobs. They look better and give a somewhat better grip being a little larger in diameter."

Bob Low

For more photos of the scope and observatory see:


L Weights

"I have been looking for stainless steel counterweights for my Losmandy G11 for a long time. Your counterweights certainly complement the quality look of the G11 mount much better than the factory equipped weights. The color/quality combination of my TMB 152 APO (white/silver) on the G11 mount with stainless steel counter weights is certainly impressive. The quality of the weights is more than I expected and I look forward to future product of the same quality level."

Best regards,
Gary J. Moors

L & AP Weights

"These weights have raw sex appeal"

Stephen Nightingale

Hi Robin,

I recently replaced my G11 with an AP1200; the counterweight, dovetail mount, and washer are from you.

Your counterweight and mounting plate for the C11 are excellent; however, your stainless steel counterweight shaft washer really "makes the mount". Seriously, the parts are a beautifully crafted addition to the mount.

Steve Nightingale

MI-250 Counterweight Shaft and L Weights

Many of us have much to thank you for Robin with your Astro Accessories; your products are all top quality and fill a need for some overlooked, staple accessories that you've significantly improved upon.

Kirk M. Rogers

L Weights

"The workmanship on the counter-weight exquisite and most impressive allowing enjoyment for many years to come. Thank you for a fine product."

Bob Smith
Atlanta, GA.

L Weights

"Losmandy should supply your weights as standard equipment. They rival the AP weights in quality and appearence, but are easy on the wallet. Thanks Robin, you and the weights are first class all the way!!"

Jay Stanley

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