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Who makes this stuff? NJP Dovetail Saddle

Stainless Steel NJP Counterweights

"It works! I received it today and just tried it. It fits snug and screws all the way. Very nicely done."

"Weather cooperated Friday night so I was able to use the shaft and weights for the first time.
The ease of moving your weights inbetween different camera configurations, plus the ease of setup and take-down made me one happy astrophotographer. ...I didn't have to bother with the threaded weights/shaft that come with the NJP."
-- Phil Jones

I received the NJP counterweight shaft today. It looks and fits great! Good job! Hope to show it off tomorrow at SVAS star party at Blue Canyon. I have to say, it is the way Takahashi should have done the shaft from the get-go. Thank you!
-- Michael A. Mayda

Images courtesy of Phillip Jones. Click on images for larger versions.

Replacement Counterweight Shaft for Takahashi NJP

Fits: Astro-Physics 900/1200 Size Weights

With this shaft you can use my weights for Astro-Physics 900 & 1200 mounts on the Takahashi NJP mount. Simply unscrew the Takahashi counterweight shaft and screw this one on instead. You can go back to using the Takahashi shaft anytime. No modifications are required to the mount. My stainless steel shaft is threaded with the same size interior threads you will find on the Takahashi counterweight shaft. So, you just replace the Takahashi shaft with this shaft.

Shaft dia. is 1.875". A machined safety washer is included.

18" long
$18.00 shipping Sold Out

14.5 lb. weight click for larger image

Stainless Steel Counterweights

These stainless steel counterweights fit the 1.875" shaft (above), and the Astro-Physics 900 and 1200 mounts.

Each weight has rounded edges, a bronze bushing, and a non-rotating brass plunger to prevent scaring of the counterweight shaft. The brass plunger has a stainless steel spring so it retracts when you loosen the thumbscrew. On other companies' weights the plunger falls into the bore. and prevents it from going on the shaft - unless the knob is down.

Price Increases were necessary because of a large increase in the cost of stainless steel. In spite of buying it 2,000 lbs. at a time, it is still very expensive.

Pre-orders are welcome. However orders go through PayPal.com and you will be charged when you order. You do not need to have a PayPal.com account. You can use a credit card and opt not to create an account.

The weights come in three sizes:

7 lbs
1" long x 6" dia.
for 1.875" dia. shaft
Sold Out
14.5 lbs.
2" long x 6" dia.
for 1.875" dia. shaft
Sold Out
21.7 lbs.
3" long x 6" dia.
for 1.875" dia. shaft

Sold Out

*Shipping Charges are for the Continental 48 States. Contact me for costs to Hawaii, Alaska.

International Orders: please contact me for an estimate on shipping costs. Please provide your shipping address and phone number. I will need the phone number for customs, and often forget to ask for it until I start filling out the customs paperwork. We ship USPS EMS. Payment by Bank Wire Transfer is preferred for international orders, although PayPal.com will work for some countries.

Sales Tax will automatically be added to orders from California residents.

Don't know how much weight you need? Perhaps this will help.

Need a replacement knob?

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